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Healthcare Plan

Stephen Mandel deeply believes in public healthcare and frontline services. An Alberta Party government plans to build and modernize hospitals, shorten wait times and provide predictable funding to ensure Albertans get the care they need.

Stephen Mandel announced this morning that an Alberta Party government will take significant action to modernize and invest in Alberta’s publicly-funded health system, to provide better services to all Albertans.

“Nothing makes me more proud to be Albertan than our healthcare system. When you need the system the most, it’s there for you. But we also need to watch our costs. Healthcare is a huge cost and important as we have an aging and increasingly complex society. We need to plan and be strategic now, so that every dollar we put into the system goes where it’s needed, helping Albertans get better, stay healthy and have quality of life."

K-12 Education Plan

Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel announced how an Alberta Party government would invest to support the province’s K-12 education system and help ensure Alberta’s children can have the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century economy.

“We need more teachers and schools, plain and simple. Alberta’s future starts with investing in our children. They represent our future thinkers, builders and leaders. Providing them with high-quality education is a top priority. Children deserve the best possible foundation, to help them chase their dreams.” - Stephen Mandel

Mobile Home Tenancy Plan

An Alberta Party government moves to protect more Albertan mobile home residents.

An Alberta Party government would allow mobile homes and condominium owners to address their issues through the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS), rather than through the costly and time-consuming court system. Moving one case from a judge and several court clerks to RTDRS arbiters is expected to save a resident and the justice system $5,000 or more. An Alberta Party government would also protect mobile home renters from drastic rent increases.

Alberta Justice System

Adequate and sustainable funding for Legal Aid

The Alberta Party supports the goal of adequate, sustainable and predictable funding for Legal Aid. Legal Aid is often the only protection vulnerable citizens have from abuses, either private or from the State.

Adequate and sustainable funding needs means assured multi-year commitments to enable the system to make more effect and efficient operational plans. Such plans should include staff capacity to do referrals to other social service agencies for accused citizens who require assistance that is more suited to their needs than judicial processes.

Protecting Family Farms


The face of agriculture is changing in Alberta. Increasingly agricultural farm land is being purchased and traded as a commodity instead of its historic role as the bread basket of Canada.

An Alberta Party-led government will take steps to ensure that Alberta’s farming families have the opportunity to continue their part in feeding a global market in cases where the provincial government moves to dispose of surplus Crown lands.

“For generations many of Alberta’s family farms have been land stewards of leased Crown Lands. When the Province sells this Crown Land they are being squeezed out by big business interests. This hurts our communities and does not recognize the generations worth of sweat equity our families have put into the land.” - Casey Douglass, Candidate for the Alberta Party for Cardston-Siksika


Alberta Crime Plan

An Alberta Party government commits to expanding the roles of sheriffs to provide RCMP with more help so they can keep Albertans safe.

Stephen Mandel announced this morning how an Alberta Party government would improve the criminal justice system on all levels to ensure Albertans are safe and can access justice more quickly.

“One of my biggest concerns is the rise in crime across Alberta. It’s clear people are victimized and the government is letting them down. This is serious and we need to look at practical and real solutions to make Albertans feel safe. We need to be creative in how we deal with crime. We must ensure communities across Alberta from Lethbridge to Red Deer, Grande Prairie and everywhere in between are safe, secure and people feel comfortable.” - Stephen Mandel

Non-Profits Plan

The Alberta Party will strengthen Alberta’s 25,000 non-profit organizations by reducing bureaucracy and creating sustainable funding.

Lana Bentley, Alberta Party candidate for Calgary-Acadia, announced this morning an Alberta Party government would improve the ability of Alberta’s non-profit organizations to collaboratively develop and sustain programs to respond to the needs of Alberta’s communities:

“Not for profit agencies improve the lives of Albertans everyday. With more resources and innovative thinking they can do even more to build stronger communities. It's time to take concrete steps to improve their ability to deliver critical programming to Albertans.”

Post-Secondary Education

Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel announced how an Alberta Party government would improve the affordability and accessibility of post-secondary education in Alberta, including the creation of 45,000 new spaces and retaining a cap on tuition.

“The NDP has put our future at risk. There is no predictability and no plan for post secondary students. Alberta’s young people represent a new generation of thinkers, builders and leaders. We’re going to make sure they have affordable access to post-secondary education, so they can chase their dreams and help build the next Alberta.” - Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel

Reconciliation Plan

An Alberta Party government will take a nation to nation approach to working with First Nations communities to build long term, sustainable prosperity.

April 8, 2019 - Maskwacis, AB - Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel outlined his commitment for full First Nation participation in economic development, implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action, and to transforming every part of our public service to integrate and express those commitments.

Alberta Internet Plan

An Alberta Party Government will ensure high-quality, reliable and affordable gigabit level broadband services every community in Alberta within 3 years.

Hanna, AB - Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel outlined how an Alberta Party government would partner with major telecoms providers to bring a combination of fibre-optic & 5G internet to every underserved community in Alberta.

“It is critically important for the economies of Rural Alberta that they have access to the next generation of internet. Fully connecting our rural places to the global community will help ensure long-term economic sustainability. We cannot allow our two-tier society to continue. Advances in health care and industry require that all Albertans have the ability to have affordable and accessible broadband internet. Failing in this objective will only result in marginalizing a large part of our community. We must invest now to ensure that every Albertan has the opportunity to participate in global opportunities tomorrow.” - Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel


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